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Add the tether to ensure you don't lose the rack in the river.  It is attached through the lower reel seat with a simple knot, has a pin to lock the DDS-1 to the mounting bracket, and attaches to your frame with the carabiner.  Ultimately there are 2 levels of security.  This is a must have in rough water or when you will be taking the rod off the mount frequently due to big "flippy" water, or overhead hazards.  It gives you the insurance that even if you do drop the rack in the water it's still attached to the boat.  With the pin in place, the rack can be left on the boat while driving to and from takeouts.


Machined out of 6061 T6 Aluminum and anodized our aqua blue, this device is built to last. UV resistant coord, housed in polyethylene tubing protects your precious reels from damage.

Shipping & Returns

If anything goes wrong with your Spey Sling send it back to us for a full repair or replace.


The diameter of the aluminum housings measures in at three inches. Add the loops and we are around six inches. The loops accommodate even the biggest butts on your two handed rods.

Care Instructions

These are built to last, but can be serviced by removing the four stainless steel screws. Or send it back to us for a full repair.

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Paul H.


Protect Your Entire Quiver

The DDS alone get's you 90% there, but what about Steel Head season, when you need those big rods, fighting butts, two handed rods, and your whole aresenal to land the big one. The Spey Sling add-on is the answer.

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