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We are Revolver Outdoors, from Bend Oregon. Our ideas and products are born on the river by a group of engineers and problem solvers.

The DDS-1 our, our flagship product, was born from busy boats and expensive habits. It's the most convenient way to stow your rods, keep them safe, and not limit packing options.

We source most parts locally, assemble and test every part in-house and are our own biggest customers.

  • Not Just a Rod Rack

    The DDS is the base station for all your gear. Yes, it serves as a rod rack but add accessories to speakers, GPS devices, Hats, Wet Clothes, Helmets, Tippet Reels, Knipers, Hemostates, Floatant...

  • High and Dry

    Boats get wet, yup. The things in boats also get wet. The DDS with it's add-ons can give you the elevation needed to keep your critical gear dry. Shirts, hats, wetsuits, electronics, and more...

  • Add Your Own Stuff

    Hidden on the underside of the DDS-1 are a multitude of screw holes. Any 10-24 screw will attach what you need to the device. We are coming out with a lot of accessories, but feel free to build your own, and send us a pic.

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Based on 17 reviews
Sweet Frame Clamps!

These clamps look even better in hand. Plenty beefy to handle the use/ abuse they are going to receive. Powdercoated the towers "Native Stone" to match, turned out pretty close. Can't wait to get it on the water!

1" U-bolt
John Criswell
1" U-Bolt

Bigger than 1", tried to contact but emails are getting kicked back undeliverable. Too large for me to use but very nice finish. Maybe they sent me wrong ones but email kickbacks negates communications to remedy.

Paul H.


Necessary addition for a raft and fishing rods!

This was a great addition to my raft. Used it for the first time during the Salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes - carried our nymph rods and dry fly rods securely and out of the way. I love it!

1" Schedule 40 clamps

Due to the length of the u-bolts - 4 stars, if they bolts were trimmed flush with the top of the nuts, then 5 stars. The fit and finish is very good. The radius of the fitting mates flush with the 1" Schedule 40 aluminum pipe. I like the blue color as it matches my blue cataraft tubes better than the red color used on some of Revolvers other fittings. The ends of the u-bolts are nicely rounded over. However, the only negative I can find is that the u-bolts are not cut short enough. They stick up above the nuts once tightened down too much and also extend above the top of the fitting. It is hard to imagine why Revolver Outdoors left the ends of the u-bolts so long. This is a significant issue that should be corrected by Revolver Outdoors if they make any additional batches. The bolts should not extend above the fitting as they can definitely cause injury when climbing round the frame. I'll have to spend some time trimming and refinishing the end of all the u-bolts. Other than that, they seem great.

NRS to DRE clamp

Works perfectly to attach NRS tubular frame components to a DRE frame. These were the only clamps I could find to mix & max frame components. Used mine to attach NRS side rails to connect a motor mount to the DRE frame on my raft. Nice craftsmanship on the mounts, too.

1” frame clamp

Fit and finish is superb. Top notch anodizing. Attractive and functional fitting. Game changer for those wishing to build a lightweight breakdown raft or cataraft frame.

Rad Revilver Outdoor Rod Holder

For years we struggled to find a solution for rods on our raft. With kids and dogs we didn’t want to risk breaking our fly rods. The Revolver Outdoor was the perfect solution. It kept our cherished fly rods tucked safely out of the way while still accommodating the kids spinners. It also has numerous hooks and attachments for nets, hats and speakers. It worked so well on our 18’ pro frame and was easily switched over to our 14’ down river frame for a second lap with just the ladies. This is a must for any rafter looking to keep the chaos of rods to a minimum.

Wonderful drill Jig for making raft frames

This product really made my raft frame perfectly square and decreased all anxiety and the time it took to get things square and right. I would say this jig has to be part of any budget to get it right. So simple to use and the frame just looks sharp when it is done!

Pretty slick overall!

These make drilling holes in my raft frame so much easier. I would have given 4.5 stars but I gave a 4 star because one is very snug and takes a bit of effort to get the jig on the pipe and scratches the pipe while the other one is a little loose. The loose one I have to be careful the pipe doesn’t move while drilling otherwise it effects the hole location/line up of holes. Overall, great addition to my rafting gear and makes modifications so much easier and much more precise! I recommend these to anyone that is making changes to their frame pipes.


Revolver outdoors hole jig is exactly what I needed to complete my custom frame! It works perfectly as described. I looked all over the internet and found that Revolver outdoors just happened to be a local company. Quick turn around time and high quality parts.

Thank you.!

The Best Rod Holder and Organizers On The Market For Boat

This set up is awesome for protecting rod tips in the raft. Sturdy enough to attach an umbrella too. I like to have three rod sets up for sleighing monsters, a set up for quantity catches and also a set with the secret weapon. The revolver allows me to keep it all organized. Awesome product.

Essential item for keeping rods safe and secure!!!

Wether I am on a guys fishing trip or a family raft trip, the Revolver Rod Rack has been a critical item for keeping my rods organized in my raft. I struggled for so many years of breaking rods, snagging a rod on riverside brush, rods bouncing around in the raft in whitewater, until finally discovering the Rod Rack. It's a very well thought out design, super simple to install and use, and after owning for over a year, seems very robust. It feels like an essential item in my raft now, I absolutely love it !!

Must have for serious fishing

If you’re serious about fishing, the revolver DDS does the trick! It keeps my rods up and out of the way and I have easy access when I come along my favorite fishing holes. This is a must have for every angler!