Our Story

We are Revolver Outdoors, from Bend Oregon. Our ideas and products are born on the river by a group of engineers and problem solvers.

The DDS-1 our, our flagship product, was born from busy boats and expensive habits. It's the most convenient way to stow your rods, keep them safe, and not limit packing options.

We source most parts locally, assemble and test every part in-house and are our own biggest customers.

  • Not Just a Rod Rack

    The DDS is the base station for all your gear. Yes, it serves as a rod rack but add accessories to speakers, GPS devices, Hats, Wet Clothes, Helmets, Tippet Reels, Knipers, Hemostates, Floatant...

  • High and Dry

    Boats get wet, yup. The things in boats also get wet. The DDS with it's add-ons can give you the elevation needed to keep your critical gear dry. Shirts, hats, wetsuits, electronics, and more...

  • Add Your Own Stuff

    Hidden on the underside of the DDS-1 are a multitude of screw holes. Any 10-24 screw will attach what you need to the device. We are coming out with a lot of accessories, but feel free to build your own, and send us a pic.

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